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Thank you to all of my wonderful clients for making our sessions so much fun and embracing the change! If you are keen to find out more about my styling sessions directly from any of my clients I am happy to put you in touch for first-hand feedback. Lara x

“It’s Nicky here …I hope you don’t mind me contacting you like this. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation last night, and love your approach to styling and what it can do for women (and men!).”

Nicky – Visual Merchandiser for Tucci Brown – Brighton

“I found it great to know more about my body shape and colours and styles that suit me. Enjoyed it all as a whole, it was casual, fun and informative, nice to have drinks and nibblies available.”

Melissa – Style Workshop – Brighton, VIC


“Lara knows her stuff. Very balanced approach. Good snippets of info.”

Tash – Style Workshop – Brighton East, VIC


“Lara is a ‘pocket dynamo’ – friendly vibrant open and a wealth of knowledge!! Loved it.”

Belinda – Style Workshop – Hampton East, VIC


“I just wanted to say thank you very much for a great night on Thursday. I had a really good time.”

Rachel – Style Workshop – Brighton, VIC


“I was exhausted after our shopathon! Wore my new outfit Sat night – am somewhat obsessed with those shoes!”

Claire – Colour, wardrobe, personal styling & shopping – Port Melbourne, VIC


“Lara, Thank you sooooo much for your beautiful company and wealth of fashion knowledge today. You are such a joy to be around.  Thanks so much for my colour Lookbook ad my own personal colour solutions kit – love it. I feel so organised now. I will definitely share the love and tell others.”

T – Colour assessment – Brighton, VIC


“Hi Lara – just a quick note to say hi and let you know I’m having some good success with my new wardrobe additions! I’ve had some great compliments on the items we bought together, plus some others that Ive picked up myself.”

Lucy – Body shape, colour assessment, wardrobe and personal shopping – Port Melbourne, VIC


“Wow again!!! Thank you so much. That is brilliant Lara! I’m so excited. Fantastic tips and pics there to get me focused. I’m ready for the shopping challenge!! I really appreciate all the work you’ve done. I promise to give you a de-brief when I get home and show you my purchases. This list will be brilliant!”

Rachel – European shopping style lookbook & tips – Abbotsford, VIC


“Thanks again for your help, I feel I have a clearer picture on what I should be buying going forward. I’m also excited about doing more online shopping.”

Sam – Personal styling, colour and wardrobe – Brighton, VIC


“Thanks so much for your great work with my excuse for a wardrobe! I’ll do my absolute best to hang and iron (a lifetime of bad habits to undo!). Thanks a million.”

Sarah – Styling, body shape, colour and wardrobe – Brighton, VIC


“Thanks so much for making the huge effort to come up and all the comments we got back were very positive most people said they were talking discussing their body shapes and colours for along time afterwards!! “

Jules & Gabi – Snow Angel Winter Style Workshop – Thredbo / Jindabyne, NSW


“Thank you so much for such a great session last night! My wardrobe feels like it’s been on a detox diet for months and all it took was your super infectious positive energy to push me in the right direction. Like I said, you are to Fashion what Nigella is to Food Porn! You make me want to get my colours right, just to go to sleep! Thank you Paper Doll, I’m looking forward to getting my lookbook next week. Muwah! xoxo.”

Helena – Personal styling, colour and wardrobe – Middle Park


“Hi Lara, I love my new looks. Thanks so much for helping me. Thanks again for your time on Saturday.”

Andrew – Styling, colour and personal shop – Port Melbourne


“I had a wonderful night.’ Cath – Mecca / Paper Doll Beauty & Style Night – Brighton


“Thank you lovely Lara for a super night – my wishlist at Mecca is now seriously long! I thought the girls were great – I’d definitely go again when I’m in the market to buy more makeup, I loved getting the proper advice – buying blindly is far more expensive… I also really enjoyed your segment on fashion – it was like a taster plate last night – bring on more dishes I say!”

Lorraine – Mecca / Paper Doll Beauty & Style Night – Brighton


“Yeah – Go girl!” Lynn – Mecca / Paper Doll Beauty & Style Night – Brighton


“Great night put on by Paper Doll and Mecca! Thanks Lara for working with me to find which colours suit me best and which ones to avoid, and loved getting a peep of what the fashion will be next year!!”

Illona – Mecca / Paper Doll Beauty & Style Night – Brighton


“A fun, colourful night @ Mecca with Paperdoll & friends, some excellent insights shared on this seasons trends and positive encouragement to get into colour! Thanks Paper Doll and goodbye black (well maybe 😉 x”

Briana – Mecca / Paper Doll Beauty & Style Night – Brighton


“In all my excitement I realised I didn’t actually reply to your email! I had so much fun last week. Thank you so much for such a fun afternoon. I was on a high all week! I’ve been viewing my wardrobe in a whole new light and can’t wait for next weeks shopping trip. Bring on the soft, cool and muted wardrobe!”

Ange – Style, colour & personal shop – Fitzroy North


“Thank you so much for all the help, information and guidance you provided. I found the whole experience so interesting, and it was both useful and great fun! I am now totally inspired to improve my look and sort out my wardrobe… ”     Jan – Style, colour & personal shop – Brighton


“Thanks again for a lovely birthday gift for Macarena.”

David re Macarena’s style, colour & personal shop – Brighton


“The night was a great success – please come back with more clients!”    MECCA Girls – Brighton


“Thank you so much for your kind donation … how exciting for the lucky winner!”

Brighton Primary School – Brighton


“You are ace!!!!!! Thank you so much for my gorgeous lookbook – how fab!”

Sue – Style Lookbook – Brighton


“The Mecca event was great. I am loving my Nars Pop Life velvet matte lip pencil, as well as my purple pencil & mascara.”    Claire – Mecca Workshop – Port Melbourne


“It was indeed a great night. I love my Stila lip crayon, stila gel eyeliner and my Nars gloss… love it all! Friends are definitely up for the next Mecca night that you put on.”     Michelle – Mecca Workshop – Brighton


“I thought that having your colours done was for the girls! … but it does really make a difference to know what you suit. I use my swatch to get colours right for my work suits & ties, as well as weekend Ts & jumpers.’

Angus – Colour – Brighton East


“I wanted to let you know how extensive the session was and how much my Mum feels looked after. She said it feels like you really care – so a good thing indeed. She is so happy about it and is making plans to have highlights put in her hair, just to start with. Honestly, it will make big difference to her as she has never been confident about her look or about choosing clothes. All changed now!”

Liza, on behalf of her Mother – Colour – visiting from New Zealand


“My Lookbook is great!”   Joe – Mens styling, colour & wardrobe – Port Melbourne


“I am in Chadstone shopping – got some silky pants and a cream top from so far! Very excited I love my Lookbook!”    Lucy J – Style, colour, wardrobe – Brighton


“You are so great! I love the way you put my Lookbook together. Thank you.”

Rachel F – Style, colour & wardrobe – Sandringham


“I am trying hard to follow the rules! I have my shape right with narrow tops just to the hip and straight legs but colour and pattern are difficult as I tend to go for black bottoms and patterned tops … although I will persevere! Thx so much for everything, you have really opened up so many possibilities for me!”

Lucy – Style, colour & wardrobe – Brighton


“Thank you, I know everyone found your talk informative and inspiring.”

Carolyn – Style Talk – Albert Park


“Thank you so much again for a great pressie.”   David – Full day styling gift – Brighton


“By the way I am enjoying shopping so much more now as you have helped me see so many more options. And I have a lot more colour in my wardrobe, which is great!”   Lucy J – Style, colour & wardrobe – Brighton


“Dear Lara, We would like to thank you very much for your support to make the Brighton Primary Annual Ball a great success. Your donation of 2 tickets to the spring fashion festival raised a substantial amount of money. Thanks to your support we managed to raise over $ 15,000 which will be invested in IT equipment which will benefit students at Brighton Primary School for years to come”

Sue Marais & Petra Okhuizen – Brighton Primary Ball Committee
“Fabulous lunch, great company, beautiful fashions and all for a good cause. What an amazing way to spend an afternoon.”    Avril L – Spring Fashion Lunch 2013
“Thank you so much for including Belinda in your successful event.”

Belinda store, Hawksbruen Village – Spring Fashion Lunch 2013
“Thanks for the opportunity last Friday it was an amazing experience, I hope everything went smoothly and it was a great success. I’m happy to help out again whenever you need me!” 

Isabella – Assistant/Dresser, Spring Fashion Lunch 2013


“Just writing to say thank you very much for having me for the show. It was a great experience. I loved it. It was great working with you. So well organised!”    Pareena N – Model at Spring Fashion Lunch 2013


“Thanks again for having us on board. What a great event!” 

Leah Z – Performer from String Sirens at Spring Fashion Lunch.


“I am so glad the event was a success! We were thrilled to be apart of the event! It sincerely was a pleasure working with you. I hope to see you again soon. Stop in the store anytime!”

Lauren from Carl Kapp, Hawksburn – Spring Fashion Lunch 2013


“I had a wonderful time and chatted with so many great women. You must be delighted with the way the event went.”   Amanda C, National Client Services Mgr, Fitted for Work – Spring Fashion Lunch 2013


“The Spring Fashion Lunch gallery of photos looks stunning !! I hope you feel proud of the amazing job you did.”  Olympia – Guest at The Spring Fashion Lunch 2013


“Beauty comes from within…from within bottles, jars and the pages of Paper Doll’s blog!”

Dame Farrar – Performer & Guest at The Spring Fashion Lunch


“Thank you for a wonderful spring fashion lunch- I thought you did a brilliant job! It was such polished perfect event that I felt extremely fortunate to be included. I would be happy to work with you any time on anything!” Lisa W, Owner of Wilson Accessories – Donor / Guest at Spring Fashion Lunch 2013


“It was so lovely meeting you and an absolute pleasure being a part of the event.”

Sarah M – Model at Spring Fashion Lunch 2013


“Thank-you this is great. I love it. So many great combo’s that I wouldn’t have imagined but can really see how they will work for me. Toni J – Senior corporate client, Mum and impressive lady!  Thank you for a fabulous session! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and I think you will have some future clients.”

Eleanor J – Hen’s afternoon style session