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Colour Session

I only discovered the power of wearing colour a few years ago and oh how my wardrobe has evolved since then.  I used to only wear neutrals – ooohh so very Melbourne! – and now, I have so much fun with colour.  I see and feel the difference wearing colour makes to me, and the reactions people have to me when I wear the colours that flatter me.  Really!  Knowing what looks amazing on you and how to wear colour well cannot be underestimated… and it’s fun!


As a certified Colour Assessor (having studied with The Australian Image Company), you will receive a detailed colour assessment, which includes draping and comparing colour swatches close to your face, to see which specific colours best suit your own complexion (skin, hair and eyes). You take away a tailored manual and colour swatch with your perfect colour palette, to take shopping with you and help you learn which colours help you look your best.

Colour session

Personal Styling

From years of styling men and women, I know that there are so many reasons and circumstances that bring clients to me… and everyone is welcome!

“Style is how you say who you are without having to speak” and it is of course that common reason that brings clients to me.

Revamping your look.  Perhaps you are over feeling flat and un-enthused by how you look and feel.  You may have put on weight, lost weight, or just need to change.  Shopping with me will help you realise what you actually need and eliminate the evils of impulse shopping!  Not to mention the fact that I receive discounts with various stores and brands.

Upgrade your work image.  You may be (re)entering the workplace, have an interview, a new role, or just want to revamp your work clothes.

An outfit for an event or occasion (see Event Outfit Styling).


Together we get to work in your wardrobe.  I advise you on what should go, what should be altered and what should stay. If needed, we will rearrange your wardrobe to make it easy and a pleasure to get dressed, as I pass on tips on storage, hanging and how to best wear the pieces that you have. I will also work out the hit-list of pieces that you need to add to (and remove from) your wardrobe in order to achieve your ideal look.


I love to be able to pass on the skill of expertly shopping and styling over to you, and so I give you a really cool, personalised Paper Doll Lookbook that includes all of your own style rules, moodboards, shopping tips and ideas, for easy reference and inspiration.


Colour assessment

Personal Shopping

Let’s face it, we’re not great at everything, which is why the world of outsourcing has become so huge. Outsourcing shopping makes so much sense – like outsourcing your exercise sessions to a PT, or finding a job through a recruitment agency.  

 I’m here as a true shopping professional, to make the choosing, sourcing and buying experience faster, more $economical and a success.


We may have already cleaned out your clothes together and you now need to revamp your wardrobe.  You may have a one-off event that you need to find the perfect outfit(s) for, such as a wedding, holiday, birthday party or corporate event, or you have a group of friends coming to Melbourne who need a shopping guide.

I can shop for you or with you and find you the perfect pieces. We can work together to buy for a new season, or for any time that you feel your wardrobe is lacking.


Personal shopping

Event Outfit Styling

You want to look amazing but don’t know what to wear, where to get it from and how best to accessorise and style it … oh and without breaking the bank.

Perhaps you need to find your beautiful Spring Racing look (see client Lookbooks below), you have a graduation, wedding, big party, function, even your own wedding! 

It’s not just celebs who go to Personal Stylists for help – you would probably be surprised at how many people use stylists to get the perfect look for their special occasion.  It’s not expensive (I promise!) and I guarantee that you you will feel amazing, in the look that you are after. I can also coordinate hairstylist and makeup artist to help style you for your event.  Lara x


Cup Day 2015 Client Styling Lookbook

Spring Racing Styling for Clients

Take advantage of having me as your very own Personal Stylist and Shopper – that’s what I’m here for!  For this event and for your future shopping trips, I’ll help you understand how to best flatter your shape, which colours look best on you and how to shop smarter.  I’m all over what is in the shops and online at all times (my obsession!), so I can moodboard and suggest various outfit options and even receive discounts from various brands and stores, to pass on to you.  I’ll shop for you or with you … and before you know it, we will have you looking and feeling amazing for your event.

 Client Lookbook, Event Styling

Style Lookbook

My Paper Doll Lookbooks are unique to me – not many other stylists provide such bespoke, detailed & current take-home Lookbooks to clients.

Receive yours as part of one of the many different styling sessions that I offer, plus I also provide stand-alone Lookbooks.

Previous clients have requested Lookbooks for ideas, inspiration and precise shops, brands and pieces to try on & buy.  Other clients have requested Lookbooks filled with tailored shopping advice for specific cities that they are planning to visit, or particular outfits, such as for the Spring Racing Carnival.

Anything goes in my Lookbooks – I’d love to help!


Paper Doll Lookbook

Paper Doll Lookbook

Paper Doll Lookbook

Paper Doll Lookbook

Style Concierge & Men's Styling

Personalise your styling session

I want to help with absolutely any wardrobe or shopping dilemma, so if your requirements don’t quite match any of the above, I can tailor one specifically for you. Simply get in touch and we can work it out.


Men’s styling
The styling experience for men is simple, unfussy and aims to help you enjoy what you wear and save you money and time when shopping. Whether you are after style advice, a new suit, or to be shown where to shop, I can help.


Men's styling



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